BioACT Matrix

Unmet Medical Needs

Orthopedic demand for more successful, longer-lasting bone-healing that is rapid and complication-free creates a huge, urgent unmet need for a better synthetic bone-graft substitute.

Solution: BioACT Matrix – a bioactive composite matrix that orthopedic surgeons will implant to improve bone-healing in patients with spinal fusions or challenging fractures

Technology features*:

  • Can be used as a bone void filler either alone or as an autograft extender
  • Can be combined with bone marrow as a source of bone-forming cells
  • Consists of synthetic materials commonly used in FDA-cleared medical devices
  • Mechanically flexible for ease of shaping and placement during surgery, reducing costly time in the operating room
  • Manufactured by electrospinning, a scalable process
  • Superior bioresorption, as well as optimized pore size and porosity for bone in-growth, will result in longer-lasting repair of spinal fusions and bone fractures

*These statements are based on preclinical studies